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Please follow all directions for each forum and answer each forum separately. Attach references to the end each Forum and not collectively at the end!!! I will dispute if not done. Correctly Transpor

Please follow all directions for each forum and answer each forum separately. Attach references to the end each Forum and not collectively at the end!!! I will dispute if not done. Correctly Transpor

Please follow all directions for each forum and answer each forum separately. Attach references to the end each Forum and not collectively at the end!!! I will dispute if not done. Correctly 

Transportation Logistics Management 441

Supply Chain Management 

250 words minimum 

Topic-  Labor Management 

Please choose sub topic 




Minimum of 250 words

The forum for this week addresses the third learning objective:  Produce an original opinion based on assigned literature.

Many of the pieces we have read during weeks 1-5 have social, cultural and political underpinnings and influences. Select one author or one piece of literature we have read thus far and discuss how your own personal experiences, assumptions and predispositions impacted how you read the piece.

•Auhtor: Virginia Wolfe

African American History 

350 words minimum 

Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Pick one historical figure or group listed below- each of these people or groups are connected to African American Military History  from 1860 to1865. 

Tell the class the history of this person(s) or units as it relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information. Also read two of your peers Soldier discussions and comment on the units or people they chose in comparison to the ones your wrote about.

Pick one from the list below of African American Military regiments or figures.

•First Sergeant Powhatan Beaty of Richmond, VA at the Battle of Chapin’s Farm in 1864

•13th U.S.C.T at the Chapin’s Farm Battle in 1864

•USCT 5th Regiment at the Battle of Saltville in 1864

•April 12, 1864 in Fort Pillow, Tennessee

•8th U.S.C.T., from Philadelphia and the Appomattox Campaign

•7th U.S.C.T. regiment, recruited in Maryland and the Appomattox Campaign

•29th USCT

•Colonel Ulysses Doubleday’s brigade

•41st U.S.C.T

•45th U.S.C.T

•Colonel William W. Woodward’s brigade

•127th U.S.C.T

•Major General Edward Ord’s Union Army of the James

•Majors James W. Pegram and Thomas P. Turner  forming a troop of colored soldiers

•”Negro Brigade” of Confederate States Colored Troops

•73rd U.S.C.T

•1st Louisiana  Native Guard after the siege on Port Hudson on May 27, 1863


•6th U.S.C.T and the combat they encountered at Chapin’s Farm Battle in 1864

•Charles Tyler Trowbridge and how is he tied to the 33rd USCT

•Cincinnati Black Brigade

•35th U.S.C.T

•the Third U. S. Colored Cavalry and the march on Vicksburg

•Battle of Fort Blakely and the  11 regiments of Colored Troops who participated in this battle

•Robert Small

•54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment’s assault on Fort Wagner

•Eighth United States Colored Troops (U.S.C.T.). and the Battle of Olustee, 1864

•1st and 2nd South Carolina Volunteers.  1863

•the Corps d”Afrique regiments out of Louisiana

•Cathay Williams or a.k.a. William Cathay, a soldier of the 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment

•FIRST Kansas Colored Infantry, the battles at Honey Springs and US Senator James Lane

•Camp William Penn  and explain how this place help make African American soldiers a permanent combat group in the US military

•Andersonville POW Prison camp and tell the class the conditions that African American soldiers faced when imprisoned there

•Levi Miller, a CSCT Confederate soldier of Virginia


250 words minimum 

Week 6 Forum: Introduction to Paper

Thesis statement attached below 

In this forum, we will focus on getting the reader into your paper.  Here are the things to do in this forum.

1.      To start this process, please post the title for your paper as the subject line in your forum post.    

2.      Let us know if you have changed your thesis from the one you shared earlier.

3.      Then, using the information from this week’s required readings, post a draft of the introductory paragraph of your research paper. While there is no set word limit for this assignment, the content must include sufficient background information to set the context for your problem and include your thesis statement. You are encouraged to try one of the techniques outlined in the readings to create an engaging, interesting introduction.

In your responses to 2 peers, provide constructive feedback on the effectiveness of their introductions on getting the reader engaged right away in the topic.

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