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Kinesiology 4 week treatment plan for injury

Kinesiology 4 week  treatment plan for injury


(I have a second paper assignment as well if you are interested. Ideally the same person will do both)

You will put together a 4-week treatment plan for a scenario that I will give you. Focus your treatment from the time that you start treating the patient through the next four weeks. You should focus your treatment and writing on explaining what stage of healing the patient is in, when and why you would use a treatment, how long you would use it for, and when you change up the treatment, what you are changing to and why the change would be necessary.

You will be assigned a specific orthopedic injury that is appropriately treated with the therapeutic modalities that we have covered in this course. You will treat your “patient” 3 X week for 4 weeks, for a total of 12 treatment sessions. Keep in mind that not all of the injuries will be acute – they may not all perfectly follow the 3 stages of healing as we discussed them – you will need to determine the stage of healing at the point that you receive the patient.

You will be graded off of how well you represent each of the following points:Using the example form provided, describe each of the following for each treatment session:

1) Goals: Make 3-5 specific short- and long-term goals for your injury. These goals should be outcome-based (e.g. Decreased swelling, increased ROM, etc.). The modalities that you select for your treatments should align with helping you achieve these goals at the appropriate stage of healing.2) Based off of your knowledge of the 3 healing phases, identify the phase of healing for each treatment session. (keep in mind the type(s) of tissue damaged and its respective healing time)3) List the treatments that you would perform for each treatment session in the order that you would perform them. If you are combining treatments (e.g. Electrical stimulation & cryotherapy), place them in the same box.a. Ensure that each treatment is appropriate for the phase of healing.b. List all required parameters for treatments, including: phase duration (μsec, msec), duty cycle (on:off or %), frequency (MHz), pulse frequency (pps), intensity (mA, W/cm2, W, sub-sensory, sensory, motor, etc.), length of treatment application.c. Briefly list the desired effect(s) for each treatment that you choose.d. List the goals (by #) to each treatment that is helping you achieve that goal.4) Also include any supplemental therapeutic exercise that you believe would be beneficial to achieving your goals. You do not need to be too specific. For example, if I were to use eccentric exercises for a chronic Achilles tendinopathy I could just mention, “perform 2 X 20 eccentric calf raises”…no more detailed needed.You may use any of the therapeutic modalities that we discussed in class, including:Electrical stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, low level laser therapy, LED light therapy, therapeutic exercise, traction, CPM, massage, joint mobilizations, and/or muscle energy technique.

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