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Devry NR500 Week 1 Course Information Assessment latest 2017

Devry NR500 Week 1 Course Information Assessment latest 2017

QuestionWeek 1 Course Information Assessment1.Question : The course outcomes are based upon _____.American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of Master’s EducationCourse Outcomeslearning objectivesstudent participationQuestion 2. Question :The discussion posting criteria can be found in _____. (Choose three answers for a total of 2 points.)the DropboxCourse Resourcesthe Student Handbookthe syllabusQuestion 3. Question :The assignments and readings for the week can be found in the _____. (Choose two answers for a total of 2 points.)Course Resources filesDropboxSyllabusweekly Assignments pagesQuestion 4. Question :The student must provide a substantive answer supported by outside scholarly sources to the threaded discussion forum by _____.Monday at 11:59 p.m. MTTuesday at 11:59 a.m. MTWednesday at 11:59 p.m. MTSunday at 11:59 p.m. MTQuestion 5. Question :A student must post a minimum of _____ time(s) on three different days in each discussion thread.onetwothreefourQuestion 6. Question :The Library can be accessed via _____. (Choose three answers for a total of 2 points.)ASPIRE Student Resources linkSyllabus in NR500 (but it may not be so in other classes)Question 7. Question :You are writing a paper for an assignment and you are unsure about grammar issues. Which source would you choose for help?ASPIRECourse ResourcesDropboxSmarthinkingTurnitinQuestion 8. Question :Which criteria describe a substantive peer response? (Choose four that apply for a total of 3 points.)Adds content or insightsAsks a question that will add to the learning experienceGenerates more discussionPosted by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. MTSupported by scholarly informationQuestion 9. Question :A response to the instructor in the discussions is considered a peer response.True FalseQuestion 10. Question :You have a written assignment that must be submitted to Turnitin. Where would you look for information on how to use Turnitin?Course ResourcesLibrarySmartthinkingSyllabusQuestion 11. Question :You submit an assignment to Turnitin and the similarity report is 26%. What should you do? (Choose four answers for a total of 3 points.)Do nothing and submit the assignment as is.the areas that indicate high similarity.Look at the highlighted areas for more information.Paraphrase my work.Resubmit the assignment to Turnitin after ing it.Question 12. Question :You have an emergency that will affect your ability to complete your assignment on time. Who should you contact first?AdvisorASPIRECourse instructorStudent ServicesQuestion 13. Question :You are taking a course that has an e-book but you really prefer to have a printed copy of the text. What options do you have? (Choose two answers for a total of 2 points.)Order the e-book.Use print on demandPurchase the book through the bookstore.You have no other option but to purchase the e-book.Question 14. Question :Course Resources has several resources available. Which of the following are available under Course Resrouces?APA resourcesAssignment informationDropbox informationTurnitin informationAll of the aboveQuestion 15. Question :You or family members of yours are having some issues that you would like to discuss with a professional, but you do not have the financial resources to do so. Who can you contact 24/7 for help?AdvisorASPIRECourse ResourcesSmarthinkingQuestion 16. Question :You purchased a computer but you have discovered that it does not have Microsoft Word. You realize that you need this program to complete your written assignments for Chamberlain. Where can you get one free download of Microsoft Office?ASPIRECourse ResourcesSmarthinkingThe student software storeTurnitinQuestion 17. Question :You are preparing your discussion board question and you want to support it with scholarly information from a journal article. You access the Chamberlain Library but are not sure what to do next. You could _____.choose a database from those available firstcontact the librarianGoogle ituse SmarthinkingQuestion 18. Question :You are not familiar with Dropbox or Turnitin. Where can you find instructions on these within the course?AssignmentsDiscussion boardCourse ResourcesGradebookQuestion 19. Question :Did you watch the MSN NSO?YesNoQuestion 20. Question :You have a question about APA format for your assignment. Which resources can help you with more information?The APA websiteCourse Resources filesThe Purdue OWL websiteSmarthinkingAll of the aboveQuestion 21. Question :You responded to the discussion forum question by Wednesday. According to the discussion board grading criteria, your response to the question would be considered on time.True FalseQuestion 22. Question :You have a question about an assignment or instructor feedback. Who should you contact first?AdvisorASPIRECourse instructorSmarthinking

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